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Origami Folding Papers Jumbo Pack:Japanese Designs

Origami Folding Papers Jumbo Pack:Japanese Designs

Author Tuttle Publishing
Price JPY 2,200
ISBN 978-0-80484729-2
Format 215x215mm Box kit (300 Folding Sheets)
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This massive origami pack contains 300 high-quality origami papers printed with elegant Japanese designs and patterns.

These striking patterns were chosen to enhance the creative work of origami artists and paper crafters. The pack contains several different designs, and there's enough paper here to assemble amazing modular origami sculptures, distribute to students for a class project, or put to a multitude of other creative uses.

This origami paper pack includes:
300 sheets of origami paper
Colorful Japanese designs and patterns
Double sided color
3 different sizes? 6'', 6 3/4'', 8 1/4''
16-page origami book with several projects

About the Author:
The Tuttle Publishing Company was established in 1948 in Rutland, Vermont, and Tokyo, Japan, and is today regarded as a premier publisher and seller of books rooted in Asian culture, language, and history.

Since its founding in 1948, Tuttle has published more than 6,000 books and today maintains an active backlist of around 2,000 titles.

Today, Tuttle publishes 150 new titles each year in focusing on Asian Languages, Asian Food & Cooking, Gardening & Flower Arranging, Crafts & Origami, Children's Books, Martial Arts, Asian Literature, Games & Graphic Novels, Asian History & Culture, Health & Fitness, Self-help & Eastern Religion, Asian Art & Collectibles, Interior Design & Architecture, Travel Guides, Maps, and Business Books.

Tuttle products are available in printed formats as well as popular eBook formats.

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