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Blue & White Notecards

Blue & White Notecards

Author ?Tuttle Publishing?
Price JPY 900
ISBN 978-0-80485077-3
Format 114×165mm boxed set
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These high-quality note cards feature six traditional Asian prints. On the back of each card is a an introduction detailing how the art was created for each design and where the influence originated. Blue & White Note Cards are an excellent value?a fraction of the price of other fine art print cards with envelopes.
These fine quality Elegant Blank Note Cards & Envelopes are printed with six different patterns and accompanying envelopes
On the back of each card is a short description of the front design
6 folded blank note cards 6 x 4 inches (152 x 102 mm)
6 envelopes 6 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches (160 x 108 mm)

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