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Origami Peace Cranes

Origami Peace Cranes

Author Sue DiCicco
Price JPY 1,400
ISBN 978-4-8053-1466-1
Format 216 × 280mm 32pages Hardcover + 12 sheets Origami
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Origami Peace Cranes is a multicultural children's story about the capacity for friendship in all of us and the power that small things have to make a big difference.

When Emma moves to a new town, she's afraid she'll never make friends. She tries her hardest to make a good impression on her new classmates. Through an origami crane project, her classmates show her that they really want to get to know her. Later, when a new family moves into her neighborhood, Emma has a great idea how to make them feel welcome!

Filled with fun pictures and ideas, this story addresses the anxiety that comes with new beginnings and shows kids a way to act as a diverse community. At the end of the book, instructions for making a paper crane are included so that kids can make their own cranes to share!

About the Author:

Writer, illustrator, sculptor and former Disney animator, Sue DiCicco, founded Armed with the Arts (ArmedWithTheArts.org), a program dedicated to encouraging creative expression in kids. She is the creator of the Peace Crane Project with participation from over 150 countries. She has written dozens and illustrated hundreds of books for kids.

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